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Message from our Managing Director

Our guiding principle is to have a strong community connection in the ‘Omotenashi-spirit’. Initially, we started out as an authorised provider of day care service and home visit care and bathing services. We then expanded primarily into in-home care services to support the needs of the community. Strong engagement and integration with the local community is an important element of our in-home care services in ensuring that we service our client’s needs and requirements in a supportive environment.
I hope that our community continues to provide a safe environment, high quality medical, welfare and education for all children through to the elderly and that these traditions are passed down from generation to generation. I also my hope that our engagement will be beneficial for the broader community.

Managing Director   
Kentaro Hidaka   


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Company name
Kaigonomori Co.,Ltd.
President and CEO
Kentaro Hidaka
Head Office
7-10-7 Kinsei-cho, Kagoshima-shi, Kagoshima 892-0828,Japan
TEL (+81)99-295-4155 FAX (+81)99-295-4156



In-home care support services
3 places
Home-visit long-term care
4 places
Daycare for long-term care
6 places
Home-visit bathing service
1 places
Home-visit nursing care
1 places
24-hour-Home-Visit Service
1 places
Communal-living care for dementia patient
3 places
Senior residences offering services
9 places